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Modified Bitumen Roofs by Spann Roofing

Wyndham Myrtle Beach
  • Fairfield
  • GC: Baldwin Construction

One of four towers in this complex, the roof system is a modified bitumen over tapered insulation.

North Beach Plantation
  • North Beach Plantation
  • GC: Dargan Construction

These twenty-two story twin towers built to resemble the Atlantis in Nassau have 46,600 sq ft of modified bitumen & 22,500 sq ft of standing seam roofing.

General Aviation Terminal
  • General Aviation Terminal
  • GC: Monroe Construction

This unique structure called for an Englert standing seam curved panels on the steep slope sections & a Johns Manville modified bitumen roof on the low slope sections.

  • Bayview Resort
  • GC: Dargan Construction

This 18-story building is typical of many on the Grand Strand. The roof system is a hybrid modified bitumen over tapered insulation. The decorative roofs on the penthouses are a Seal-O-Flex coating system.

Ripley's Aquarium
  • Ripley's Aquarium
  • GC: McDevitt & Street Co.

One of the premier attractions in Myrtle Beach, the 45,000 sq ft roof consists of a modified bitumen roof and a sloped standing seam roof. Challenging logistics were required for this project. Of significance was the fact that the fabrication of the standing seam metal panels were in excess of 60 feet in length.

"Pegram Associates Inc, is the architect for two YMCA projects currently under construction in Myrtle Beach and Georgetown County, South Carolina. During the construction documents phase, Spann Roofing was called in to our office to consult on the different details associated with the standing seam metal, concrete tile, and built-up roofing that were scheduled to be used on the design of the two facilities. The primary reason that they were sought was because Spann Roofing has a long standing reputation in the Myrtle Beach area as being the premier company performing roofing work in this vicinity. Sammy and Tripp Spann came to our office, and they both offered many suggestions on common materials and simple details that were thought to be good ideas and subsequently incorporated into the projects.

Both projects were competitively bid and the construction contract for both buildings was awarded to a local general contractor. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that Spann Roofing was going to be the roofer on both projects. The GC had privately indicated to us after the bid that he has had experiences with other out-of-town roofers and that it was "better for the project with Spann." Needless to say, we were relieved as architects due to the fact that one of the main call-back issues with owners is with roof leaks. It is considered common knowledge in the local construction industry that, when Spann Roofing is involved, there is a comfort in knowing that they will "do it right" the first time and, if there is a problem, will be prompt in correcting it.

Based on our 30 plus years of experience with Spann Roofing, we would not be hesitant in recommending them to our clients."

J.T. Pegram, President
Pegram Associates, Inc.

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