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Phone Number: 846-347-2220
Serving the Eastern Carolinas for over years...
A Quality Roofing Contractor in Horry County & Surrounding Areas

The Faces of Spann Roofing

Spann Roofing Employees

Owners Pictures
  • Spann Roofing's Owners

The owners of Spann Roofing are Ben Griffith, Sammy Spann & Tripp Spann.

Mechanic Shop
  • In-house Mechanic Staff

Spann Roofing has in-house mechanics to service all vehicles and machines. We have over 50 vehicles and various machinery to ensure that all roofing needs are met. Our mechanics ensure that every piece of equipment is kept in excellent shape.

Employee Training
  • Training

Employees are trained on current methods of applying roof materials. Training is an important step to ensure that roofs are installed and repaired properly. Safety training is conducted weekly and application training is conducted as needed. We at Spann Roofing pride ourselves in technical roofing knowledge, which is one reason Spann Roofing has been around for over 53 years.

Employee Training
  • Training Classes

Training is important to keep employees updated on the newest methods of roof installation. This hands-on seminar gives both experienced and new employees the opportunity to practice new techniques.

Forklift Moving
  • Forklift Operations

Spann Roofing is geared for all types of roofing needs and supplies. An on-site warehouse supplies metals, shingles, and various tools needed to install and repair roofs.