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Single Ply Roof Installations by Spann Roofing

First Federal Bldg
  • Second Avenue Pier

The Second Avenue Pier roof is a fully adhered .060 mil EDPM over tapered insulation.  Spann Roofing also roofed the inside of the upstairs open bar area.

First Federal Bldg
  • First Federal Regional Office
  • GC: Hill Construction

This structure in the heart of Myrtle Beach features a 12,900 sq ft Thermo Plastic roof system by Firestone. Portions of the roof are covered with plaza pavers. Flat seam & standing seam panels cover the facade.

Waccamaw Hospital Rooftop
  • Waccamaw Community Hospital Addition
  • GC: Robins & Morton Construction

The four-story addition made up of 48,100 sq ft of TPO & 22,700 sq ft of McElroy standing seam panels was completed while the hospital was fully operational.

MB Convention Center
  • Myrtle Beach Convention Center
  • GC: Centex Rooney

This high profile job called for reroofing the 70,000 sq ft of existing structure along with a new 110,000 sq ft addition. The roof system is a white PVC by Sarnafil. The Convention Center hotel was added at a later date.

Woodside Village Shopping Center
  • Woodside Village
  • GC: Gillam & Associates

The shopping center, which is anchored by the 43,000 sq ft Piggly Wiggly, has 37,200 sq ft of Firestone TPO & 67,300 sq ft of Integris standing seam.

Spann Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc. has provided many hours of assistance during design of multiple projects to help identify roofing systems that will perform well for our clients based on many factors including anticipated foot traffic, amount of rooftop mechanical equipment, life-cycle costs and overall budget.

Spann's Project Managers and field personnel have always worked well and in a timely manner with our inspectors, as well as third-party roofing consultants, to immediately address any concerns brought to their attention.

Spann's track record on our projects gives us confidence that the job will be done right, safely and on time.  We also have peace of mind that any issues brought to our attention will be taken care of immediately, ensuring that our clients are able to continuously operate and occupy their respective spaces within a weather tight envelope.

T. Lee Smith, CDT
Pike-McFarland-Hall Associates, Inc.

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