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Standing Seam Roofs Installed by Spann Roofing

Surfside Fire Station
  • Surfside Fire Station

The Surfside Fire Station used Englert’s series 2000 14” wide in Galvalume Plus.  The roof size is approximately 17,000 sf.

Taylor House
  • Georgetown Aviation Terminal
  • GC: Coastal Structures

The Georgetown General Aviation Terminal is an Englert series 2000 standing seam metal roof.  It also has two small Sarnafil single ply roofs.

  • Residence

This residence has 16 ounce copper metal roof system with one inch double lock standing seam. Very exquisite and quite unique! The bottom three feet of each metal panel was custom made in order to account for the convex radius at the eave of the roof.

First Federal"
  • First Federal Bank
  • GC: Hill Construction

This is one of eight First Federal buildings we have roofed in the area. All of the buildings can be recognized by the burgandy standing seam roofs. All designs were somewhat similar, but this one is the most unique.

Mellow Mushroom
  • Mellow Mushroom
  • GC: Chazler Construction

This colorful & unique structure is located across from Broadway at the Beach. The building has a modified roof & an Englert standing steam roof.

Georgetown Judicial"
  • Georgetown Judical Center
  • GC: M.B. Kahn Construction Co.

This job was a complicated four-story 26,000 square foot Englert standing seam roof. In addition, the 10,000 sq ft of lower roofs increased the difficulty of the project by limiting access to the upper structure.

Grand Strand Urology
  • Grand Strand Urology
  • GC: Harrington Construction

This office complex was completed in two phases. A Johns Manville modified bitumen roof system covers the low slope areas & an Englert standing seam metal roof is installed on the steep slopes.

Aynor Middle
  • Aynor Middle School
  • GC: Chancel Construction Group

Aynor Middle is one of many school projects we have roofed. This project called for installation of 10,000 sq ft of 3/4" plywood decking and standing seam metal roofing over 1,400 linear feet of gutter and facia and 62,000 sq ft of Johns Manville built-up roofing.

Ocean Bay Middle School
  • Ocean Bay Middle School
  • GC: H.G. Reynolds

This project with an 80,000 sq ft standing seam metal roof & 63,000 sq ft of built-up roofing on the flat areas gives a clear picture of the versatility of our company.

South Atlantic Bank in Murrells Inlet
  • South Atlantic Bank
  • GC: Dargan Construction

This is a 12,000 sq ft standing seam roof system. The weathered zinc metal finish is a unique custom color by Englert Metals. Custom colors are available at no additional cost in certain quantities.

Myrtle Beach Elementary
  • Myrtle Beach Elementary
  • GC: M.B. Kahn Construction

This school is 120,000 sq ft of standing seam metal by Englert & 5500 sq ft of Johns Manville built-up roofing.

Broadway at the Beach
  • Broadway at the Beach
  • GC: G.C. McDevitt-Street Construction

This project has become the focal point for entertainment and shopping on the Grand Strand. The project lasted eighteen months and consisted of over 400,000 sq ft of roofing. Roof systems vary from standing seam metal roofing, mechanically attached single ply systems, built-up roofing systems, shingles, and concrete tile.

Plantation Federal
  • Plantation Federal
  • GC: Harrington Construction

Located in the financial district of Myrtle Beach, this building is covered with an Englert 2000 series roof panel with Plaza pavers on the low slope roofs.

Tanger Myrtle Beach
  • Tanger Outlet
  • GC: Harrington Const.

The Tanger Outlet Mall, located on Hwy 501 between Myrtle Beach & Conway, is one of the best looking centers on the Grand Strand. The reroof covering consisted of 50,000 sq ft of architectural shingles & 30,000 sq ft of standing seam & 20,000 sq ft of low slope, all of which was accomplished while the center remained open.

Blackwater Middle
  • Blackwater Middle School
  • GC: H.G. Reynolds Construction

Blackwater Middle is one of the many schools we have roofed in Horry County. The roof conists of 80,000 sq ft of an Englert 2500 standing seam metal & 63,000 sq ft of a Johns Manville 4-ply & gravel built-up roof.

Conway Courthouse
  • Conway Courthouse & Judicial Center
  • GC: M.B. Kahn Construction

This three & four story complex has over 110,000 sq ft of Morrin standing steam metal roofing, 1200 sq ft of built-up copper gutters & 18,000 sq ft of Johns Manville built-up roofing.

Bank of North Carolina
  • Bank of North Carolina
  • GC: Harrington Construction

Formerly known as Beach First, this beautiful three story structure in the heart of Myrtle Beach is covered with a 24 ga galvalume series 2000 standing seam roof system by Englert.

Residence with Metal Roofing
  • Residence

A standing seam metal roof system over a summer kitchen addition adds a lot of character.

CCU Athletic Center
  • Coastal Carolina Athletic Center
  • GC: Mashburn Construction

This project, which is located in the west end zone, features 24,000 sq ft of Englert's 2500 series structural metal panels.

Detrick Car Wash
  • Detrick Car Wash
  • GC: Hay Construction

The entire structure is wrapped in more than 16,000 sq ft of Englert's standing seam metal roofing, wall panels, & soffits.

  • Residence
  • GC: Roland Patty

Located on the inland Intercoastal Waterway, this residence was reroofed with an Englert 2000 series standing seam metal roof.

I am a Project Manager for a local construction company in Myrtle Beach.  I have built everything from a small office building to a high rise condo and have been in the construction industry for 20 years.  Spann Roofing has provided professional roofing services on many projects for me and I highly recommend them for any type of application.  Their quality is of the finest and their personnel are top notch.  They have always maintained the schedule and finished on time.  It is a pleasure to have Spann Roofing on my job as they work well with my superintendants, owners, and architects.  Anyone who is looking for roofing services from a qualified and professional roofing subcontractor should definitely call Spann Roofing for their next project.

Best Regards,
David Webster

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