Commercial Roof Warranties…FYI

Do you have a manufacturer’s warranty on your roof? Do you know what’s covered and what’s not? Well, you really should know in order to plan for eventual problems that may occur. Installing a commercial roof is an expensive investment and understanding your roof warranty will help avoid issues that may affect your facility. 

Types of Warranties

Manufacturer’s Material Warranty

These warranties cover failures or defects in materials provided by the manufacturer. The warranty is issued after the installation to the roofing contractor. These warranties have a very narrow scope. 

Manufacturer’s System Warranty

Full system warranties cover materials provided by the manufacturer and the contractor’s labor to install the materials. Different manufacturers have their own wording for their warranties. Make sure you have a copy of your warranty.

Contractor’s Workmanship Guarantee

Most manufacturers require an approved contractor to be responsible for their workmanship for a minimum of two years. Some contractors provide their own warranty to owners, basically covering labor.

What’s Covered

You may be completely surprised at exactly what is and isn’t covered by your warranty. It’s certainly in your best interest to review and know what’s in your warranty.

Some things a full system warranty covers:

Defects in materials, failure of materials or flashing and contractor’s workmanship. Wind warranties can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some warranties cover up to a certain wind speed.

Items that may not be covered in warranties:

Acts of God, incorrect / improper repairs by unauthorized person, ponding water, heavy foot traffic, lack of maintenance, damage to membrane by others or moving debris.

If you have a leak you should contact your roofing contractor so they can limit the damage that could occur from the leak. You also need to notify the manufacturer in a timely manner for documentation. It could be covered and not cost you anything.

We’re always here to help you with answering questions, reviewing coverage and leak service calls.

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