Spann Guardian Service

Spann Guardian Service

Preventive Maintenance Program

Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP ™) is one part of Spann’s Guardian Service. Our first priority is to preserve your existing roof assets. Our Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP ™) will benefit your properties by extending the life of your roofs.

The PMP program will track the repair and maintenance details and the dollars spent on each property. PMP also gives you realistic budgets and predicted life expectancy of each roof. This is put together in an easy to follow written report that includes pictures with detailed descriptions.

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Infrared Scans

A thermographic survey employs an infrared camera to scan the areas and detect thermal variations within the area. These variations are often consistent with abnormalities in construction. A FLIR CAM imaging device is used for the survey. The thermographic survey is conducted by hand carrying the camera and scanning the roof surfaces.

The scan identifies anomalies in the roof system, often wet areas of insulation. Upon completion the areas are core sampled to confirm the extent of wet insulation.

Roof Inspections Reports

Spann’s Roof Conditions Assessment (RCA ™) is a yearly comprehensive roof inspection that documents roof conditions and simplifies cost forecasting for new and replacement roof systems. After a thorough inspection of the roof and all components, a written report is generated that includes pictures of deficiencies with explanations, budgets for repairs and extended budgets for roof replacements or other options.

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Roof Asset Management

Spann’s Roof Asset Management is a group of services designed to extend the service life of your roofs. Whether you are responsible for one roof in a single location or several roofs in different locations, our Roof Asset Management program gives you peace of mind when it comes to your roofs.

This custom-designed plan allows building owners and managers an opportunity to budget and control roofing costs through regular inspections, early detection of problems and subsequent repair program.

By employing this type of maintenance program, you can ensure that you’ll get maximum benefit from your roofing investment. Additionally, PMP’s projectable costs can be amortized over the useful life of your roof.

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Over the course of more than 65 years, Spann Roofing has roofed over 15,000 commercial and residential buildings and our guarantee stands behind every one of them. We have developed a reputation for an honest, trusted service that will provide quality and reliability regardless the size or complexity of the job. Our services are not limited to commercial roofing.

Spann Roofing is also equipped for the installation, roof repair and maintenance of residential buildings across the area. Spann Roofing is centrally located in Horry County at 459 Allied Drive in Conway, across 501 from Coastal Carolina University.

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What Are Our Customers Saying?

Great company for over 60 years!

A great job done by a group of great guys. Everything from the beginning to end was perfect. There is not a trace of debris in my yard after the clean up.

I don't believe I give out too many 5's. Bottom line is they delivered what they promised. They came in on Tuesday, ripped off old roof and installed new one and were gone Thursday before the end of the day. Price was competitive and they have the GAF Master Elite Certification which only a few companies have. Clean up was very good, they didn't just do one walk around. I would recommend based on my experience. One thing I wish is if they could have started sooner, but they told me up front when they could start and actually started a little earlier than that.

Spann was great. Chris answered my many questions with patience, the crew was very nice and respectful of the homeowners. We’re very satisfied with the finished job.

Jenna Constance

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