Common Problem in Single-Ply Roofs

What are Punctures?

One of the most common problems in single-ply roofs is punctures, with contractor damage being the biggest cause. Sharp tools dropped, HVAC panels dropped on the membrane, and loose fasteners from panels left on the membrane and stepped on. These are just a few of the most common causes of punctures.

Punctures and holes in the membrane left unnoticed, allows water into the system, leaving insulation wet. The longer the opening is left unattended, the more insulation will be wet.
Common Problem in Single-Ply Roofs

How you Prevent Punctures?

  • Use a log to keep track of contractors working on the roof.
  • Use a roofing contractor to perform maintenance that categorizes leaks. For instance, if the leak is coming from a puncture at an HVAC unit, most likely the puncture was made by an HVAC worker. Chargeback that company.
  • Install walk pads around units that require maintenance. Require HVAC workers to use walk pads.
  • After any modifications are made, have your roofing contractor inspect the area for possible damage.

Repair it Quickly

Finding punctures/holes quickly is the key to reducing major damage. This is where a regularly scheduled maintenance program can help.
Caught early most repairs are simple and not overly costly. Our repair team will come out to solve the issues. Spann Roofing is here to save your roof.

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