Cool Roofing Systems

November 2011 Volume 3 Number 11

A Cool Roof is a light-colored commercial roofing system that reflects the sun’s heat and damaging rays. This system readily emits any absorbed solar heat, thereby lowering the roof and building temperature and protecting the roof from sunlight degradation. The potential impact of installing a Cool Roofing System is impressive. Studies show reduced cooling energy demand in buildings by up to 50%. A Cool Roof commercial roofing system saves money and lasts longer with lower maintenance costs. This type of system also reduces power plant emissions, improves air quality and cuts landfill waste.

On a national level, studies show wide-spread use of Cool Roof commercial roofing system. This could potentially save building owners and consumers $1 billion in direct energy usage costs and peak demand charges. Since increased peak energy demands are now also outstripping metropolitan energy generation capacity around the U.S., another significant savings from using Cool Roofing and materials includes reduced capital costs for energy providers. Owners can also downsize their HVAC systems to meet lower peak energy consumption in their commercial buildings.

Experts add that Cool Roofing systems provide additional benefits and energy savings associated with sustainability. The highly reflective and emissive qualities of Cool Roofing Systems ensure a longer life than dark colored roofs. Sunlight exposure has been sighted as a cause of roof failure. These roofs can be periodically renewed by adding an additional coating application over the existing membrane. A coating is also treated as a repair and may be deductable in the same year.

The exceptional reflectivity and heat release of a Cool Roof System significantly lowers roof and building temperatures, reducing overall air conditioning requirements and increasing the effectiveness of existing HVAC equipment. With a Cool Roof System, building interiors experience less pronounced temperature gradients, resulting in higher overall comfort levels with or without air conditioning.

Beyond cost savings, Cool Roofs can result in greater employee productivity and for retailers, they can mean increased customer traffic and satisfaction.

Cool Roof Systems have the direct benefit of extended roof life. These systems block damaging UV rays and reduce high roof surface temperatures that cause degradation to membranes.

Performance characteristics such as adhesion, strength and stretch levels, along with exterior durability are equally important in assuring building owners they have a long-lasting Cool Roof solution.

Proven Cool Roof technology applied by qualified professionals, together with a comprehensive roof management system, guarantees reduced operating and capital costs and a longer, leak-free building life.

If you are considering or needing roofing work to be performed on your facility, invest some time and look into the many benefits of Cool Roofing Systems. Or better yet, call us, we’ll be happy to discuss your particular needs as they can relate to installing a Cool Roofing System.

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