Establishing a Roof Management Program 

February 2009, Vol. 1 #2

The most important reason for establishing a roof management program is to protect the capitol investment of a new roof. Proper roof management will not only add years to the life of your roof, it will also uncover problems before a roof leak saturates insulation, creates indoor air quality problems, and damages the interior finishes of the building.

Fortunately, Spann Roofing & Sheet Metal is ready to help with PMP, a service specifically designed to help building owners and property managers implement a roof management program.

The first step in creating a program is to establish roof information files and complete a baseline inspection of the roof. This data is essential for any roof management program if a proper and ongoing evaluation of the roof condition is to be made. The file should contain:


  • Roof drawing and specifications.
  • Roof Plan showing the locations of penetrations, equipment, drains, etc.


• Field reports from the roof installation. 

  • Warranty Documents.
  • Inspections and Maintenance

    • Semi annual inspection reports
    • Invoices with a work description along with digital photos of all repairs and preventive maintenance.
    • Records of all rooftop equipment service.

      Spann’s PMP is an ideal tool to gather this important information and to organize it in an easy to understand format. With our comprehensive inspection checklist, highly skilled technicians to perform the required preventive maintenance, and accurate budget figures for future work, you will find this a valuable tool. Call us today to find out more about our PMP and what it can do for you.
Inspection checklist for every 6 months
Exterior Walls Inspect for leaks, staining, missing mortar.
Interior Roof deck Inspect for signs of leaks or deterioration.
Interior Walls Inspect for signs of leaks.
Roof Edges Walls Inspect for signs of deterioration or metal lifting.
Coping Inspect for signs of deterioration or metal lifting.
HVAC Check duct work and base tie-ins.
Penetrations Fill pitch pans, inspect pipe boots and other penetrations.
Drainage System Clean gutters and drains of debris. Inspect topside & underside of drains.
Field of Roof Inspect for deficiencies: blisters, bare spots, fishmouths, cuts & splits
Base Flashings Check attachment. Inspect counter flashings.
Metal Flashings Check attachment. Inspect for rusting. Touch up/replace caulk as needed.
Other Check for oil or other contaminants.

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February 2009 Volume 1 Number 2

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