How to Find Roof Leaks

how to find roof leaks

Sometimes roof leaks can be a mystery. How to find roof leaks can be a difficult task, right? Well, not always. Many elements are involved in finding a leak and can be more difficult than you think.

Water can travel in many ways and follows the path of least resistance. When you consider multiple roof layers, different deck types (flutes & flats), and roof penetrations, problems can multiply quickly.

The actual roof leak can be several feet away from the point of entry into the structure.

Let’s look at how to find a roof leak!

This is how Spann Roofing investigates a possible roof leak.

● A service crew is dispatched for the leak. They will want to see the leak from inside.

● The leak will be measured from a wall or some identifying point to get a starting point on the roof.

● If the underside of the deck is visible, the direction of the flutes in a metal deck will be noted, and if any penetrations are in the area.

Metal decks have high and low flutes (channels). The low flutes will hold water and can run 10 feet or as much as 50 + feet before showing up inside as a leak. This slows the process down.

● Wood and other decks usually don’t let the water run quite as far. Concrete sometimes will allow water to run under the insulation for a distance.

● The technicians now start the investigation by using what they know about the roof components. This can all be a process of elimination.

how to find roof leaks

If all else fails, there are other options that can be used, I.E., water tests, infrared moisture scan, and moisture meters.

Your roofing contractor extends a roof warranty through the materials used on your roof. Be sure to call that company before moving forward to check and see if you are still under the warranty. All companies use different warranties and the grounds on which it is applied.

Finding leaks is more of an art than science and why it often takes time to find and repair the leak.

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