Improve Roof Life & Reduce Expenses By 30%

At Spann Roofing & Sheet Metal, we treat your roofs like an investment. Our goal is to transform your company’s roofs from an unpredictable expense into an asset that can be proactively managed.

Using our proven techniques, our clients have cut their annual roofing expenses by 30% or more while, at the same time, drastically reducing leaks and problems.

Our Roof-Track web based program lets us track roof inspections, monitor completed work, manage and prioritize budgets, and keep complete histories for all your roofs. We can provide full-color reports and give you and your staff secure, online Web access to all your roof data.


  • Inspections, budget forecasts, repairs and replacements managed easily.
  • Live, integrated CAD drawings. Everything you see on the drawing is connected to your roof asset data.
  • Real-time true history and total activity archiving.
  • Photo management features include Web optimization, albums, editing and annotation tools.
  • Brilliant color proposals, including text, photos and drawings.
  • “Roofer-friendly” report writer.
  • Organized and simplified fingertip access to your roof information.

How can we save you time using Roof-Track?

  • Allows newly assigned responsible individuals to quickly understand the history of all roofs at the facility. “The wheel does not need to be reinvented.”
  • Allows efficient planning and tracking of future roofing needs and budget forecasts for the facility.
  • Information is quickly shared over the Internet with other facilities and Spann.
  • Budget information is easily shared at any time by facility personnel and approving authorities.
  • Expenditures and system performance are easily tracked.

How can we save you money using Roof-Track?

  • Historical project information, including warranty status, is not misplaced in paper files. This lessens costs associated with reroofing a project that would still be under warranty, or conducting repair activities that may void the warranty.
  • Forecasting and planning roofing projects based on accurate information reduce the need and additional costs associated with emergency projects.
  • Tracking planned maintenance and housekeeping activities reduces premature failures. Proactive inspection and maintenance correct small problems before they become larger.
  • A planning tool to extend and maximize the life of your current roof systems, thereby lowering the total life-cycle cost of the roof.

Spann Roofing & Sheet Metal helps you lower the total cost of roofing by facilitating better and timely roofing decisions, reducing record-keeping costs and simplifying communications. The information we deliver through Roof-Track lets you and your facility managers focus on activities that generate profits for your company.

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