Inspection Report: Detailed reporting for value-based decisions

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Extend Roof Life

Routine inspections and preventive maintenance can extend the life of your roof by catching problems early and implementing solutions.

A distinguishing factor of Spann’s service is the quality of the reporting we provide, whether for inspections, maintenance, repairs or replacements. Our documentation starts with a complete understanding of the roof type and building structures as well as any historical information available to provide a baseline for our reporting. Our documentation includes an exhaustive checklist of all materials and roofing accessories and details.

We include digital images, relevant testing data, thermographic readings, roof analysis, budgets and recommendations. The goal of our inspection report is to:

  • Provide a benchmark for general conditions
  • Determine if the roof is performing
  • Identify deficiencies and potential problems
  • Develop a plan for repair / replacement
  • Determine a budget for maintenance
  • Develop a plan to extend the service life

The inspection and reporting process at Spann is essential to the quality of service we provide. Roof inspection reports are used for a variety of reasons.

Do you know what your roof looks like?

All information and documentation is stored and managed by Spann and can be provided in a digital format or through your personal on-line portal.

Spann’s Portfolio Hosting Program can manage multiple properties and allow you on-line access to each property via your personal access code. All of the needed information for making informed decisions is available at your fingertip, 24 hours a day.

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