Is your Roof Leaking?

Sometimes, It’s not the Roof Leaking!

It’s raining and look, there’s water on the floor. Is my roof leaking? Quick, call Spann Roofing & Sheet Metal! Sound familiar? Well, sometimes it’s not quite that simple and just not the roof at all. A leak investigation performed by roofing professionals sometimes turns up another culprit.

HVAC Units / Systems

The most common found leak source, if it’s not the roof then it’s HVAC units and components. Common causes of leaks through HVAC units are rusted panels, holes from missing fasteners, clogged condensate lines, and failed gaskets or sealants. Sometimes it’s condensation.

Roof Leaking

Doors and Windows

Seals around doors and windows can deteriorate over time. Strong winds with heavy rains can allow water entry at these points. It’s easy to think of the roof leaking when water comes in around an upper story window or roof access door.

Roof Leaking


As skylights age, they can crack, become brittle, and leak. The glazing and sealants can also leak with age and deterioration. Water testing is the most reliable and simplest way to reveal if the skylight is leaking. At that point you have 2 choices: replace it or coat and reseal if possible.

Roof Leaking

Exterior Walls

Mortar joints in brick and block walls crack and open, allowing water entry into the roofing system behind the base flashing. Tuckpointing repair is the best solution.

Roof Leaking

If the roof investigation turns up nothing obvious, it may be a good idea to perform a water test. This can take from 15 minutes to an hour. The roof is doused with water and a technician on the underside checks for signs of water. If none is spotted, the hose is then put on the HVAC or wall. This can show that the roof was not a problem. Core cuts may need to be done to check for wet insulation.

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