Learn Why to Keep your Gutters Clean?

Save your Gutters from Clutter!

Cleaning gutters is a big chore, not to mention being dangerous for those not used to climbing ladders or being uncomfortable with heights. It is necessary however to take care of your roof and property. This holds true for residential and commercial properties. Let’s learn why to keep your gutters clean!

Here are some good reasons to keep your gutters clean:

  • Cleaning gutters prolongs gutter life. Dirty gutters with leaves and trash can eventually rust out gutters, needing to have them replaced.
  • Clean gutters help prevent roof leaks. When gutters are full of trash and leaves, water can back up into the roof and damage the deck and leaking into the structure.
  • Full gutters promote growth and insect infestation. Gutters full of debris make good nesting areas for pests and insects.
  • Full gutters are heavy. Gutters full of leaves and debris can collapse and fall when heavy and prolonged rains occur.
  • Clean gutters prevent basement or foundation damage. When gutters are not working, water can easily get into basements or unearth foundations.


plants growing in the gutter with fallen leavesleaves found in the gutterleaves and pine straw found in the gutter







Keeping gutters in good condition is a step in the right direction in the maintenance of your home or business. Call Spann if you have concerns about cleaning yourself.

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