Metal Roof Restoration

With Metal Roof Restoration, preparation is Key

  1. Clean Roof to remove loose rust, dirt, grime & any other particulates.
  2. Prime all rusted areas with a rust inhibitor.
  3. Replace all loose and missing fasteners with oversized “tight fitting” fasteners.
  4. Clean and resurface all skylights with a gel coat to greatly improve their transparency.
  5. Seal all leaking and potential leaking areas with Spann’s butyl tape reinforced with fiber. (horizontal and vertical laps, penetration flashings, wall and rake flashings, and perimeter of skylights.)
  6. Install water diverters behind penetrations where ponding water is a potential problem.

Application is Key

  • We specifically design pneumatic equipment for the best mixing results.
  • We operate high-tech spray units for performance and efficiency.
  • Apply either an Aluminized or Elastomeric coating with an airless spray system to insure coating with an even coverage over the entire roof.

    Spann Roofing & Sheet Metal, in partnership with major manufacturers, and coatings technology leaders, continue to provide professionally installed coating solutions that offer the very latest in today’s technological advances. We invite you to contact us to see how Spann can help solve your roofing needs.

    We have coating and restoration systems for additional roofing types as well.

    • Weathered Single Ply – EPDM – Hypalon – PVC
    • Weathered Modified & BUR
    • Walls


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