PREDICTABILITY…It’s Built Into Every Guardian Plan & Every Customer’s Satisfaction


The Spann Guardian ServiceTM Program provides comprehensive roofing services for multi and single-facility properties. As a four-part program, clients participating in the Guardian Service program receive a wide range of benefits, including online roof asset management, preventive maintenance, emergency response and discounted repair costs.


RoofTrackTM is an online asset management tool designed to help clients manage their roofs by instantly accessing the latest roofing data including photographs, roof plans, system makeup’s, roof life expectancy, replacement costs and repair history. You have access through your personal Customer Portal.

The opportunity to track costs of work performed and estimate future roof repairs on every facility a client owns is immense. Our goal is to save our clients time and money. That’s why we offer constant online monitoring so clients can detect which facilities are prone to problems for immediate maintenance and response.

Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP)TM

Age and exposure to the elements invariably cause roof deterioration and eventually roof failure. As a result, implementing a preventive maintenance program to diagnose major roof problems before they occur is critical to extend roof life, protect roof warranties and significantly reduce emergency repairs.

According to a recent survey, preventive roof maintenance programs can extend roof life by 30 to 60 percent. That is significant to the bottom line for any business owner. If a roof goes unmaintained, building owners will pay the price for not only undergoing a major re-roofing project earlier than needed, but also enduring increased emergency calls, as well as the associated expenses and interruptions to their business.

As part of the Guardian Service Program, our roofing experts will thoroughly inspect roofs and prepare comprehensive reports that detail a roof’s condition. We also go one step further by recommending a cost-effective, customized preventive maintenance program that maximizes roof life expectancy, minimizes roof upkeep costs and reduces the need for major emergency repairs.”

Emergency Response

No one can predict when an emergency will happen. But when they do, quick and efficient responses are critical. As part of the Spann Guardian Service plan, leak calls are moved up to priority response. Calls from the facility will be handled expeditiously.


Guardian Plan

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