A Roof Asset Management Plan

What is a Roof Asset Management Plan?

Most roof asset management plans are a chronology of past work orders, pictures, invoices, forecasts of future roof needs, and yearly budgets for each roof/section.

You may think that this only applies to facility managers with a portfolio of multiple facilities or sites. Even a maintenance manager of a single roof area can see a benefit from this program.

First, a plan for multiple facilities or a single roof helps managers make better decisions. It assigns asset values and documents maintenance performed. If you know what happened in the past and know projected roof life, setting a schedule of repairs, and budgeting for the roof is easy.

roof asset management plan

What’s in a Roof Asset Management Plan?

  • Site drawing/photo overview
  • Separate drawing/photo overview of each section
  • Photographs
  • Documented square footage and projection count
  • The estimate or actual roof installation
  • The type of roof system(s) and deck(s)
  • Means of roof access
  • The sensitivity level of each section(s)
  • Assessment of the condition(s)
  • Proposed work over the next 5-10 years
  • Cost estimates for immediate proposed work and yearly budgets

Secondly, our plan(s) contain some or (all) of the following information. Once the plan is created, Spann provides you with a hard copy and pdf version.

Creating a Roofing Asset Management Plan:

Often managers don’t have the time or the roofing knowledge to put a roof asset management plan together without assistance. The roof history, goal(s), capital approval process, and availability are collected to make a long or short-term plan for your roof.

Next, the roof survey/inspections are conducted along with core cuts to determine the roof’s condition. We recommend corrective actions to be stated to bring the roof up to a maintainable standard. Allowing for it to be entered in the written Roof Conditions Assessment Report, which will be updated annually.

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