Roof Leaks Affect your Bottom Line

“Out of mind and out of mind.” Don’t let roof leaks affect your bottom line. Some businesses forget about maintaining their roof system, and small leaks are no big deal. Think again! Roof leaks can have devastating effects on your bottom line. Here are some effects of roof leaks.

Bad Image: visibly stained ceiling tile in your front office for instance can give customers the perception that can mean lost business.

Interior Damage: Roof leaks can damage equipment, furniture, computers, carpet, and ceiling tile. Replacement or cleaning can get expensive.

Roof Leaks Affect your Bottom Line

Lost Production: Having to close an area off because of roof leaks leads to less production and lost profit.

Higher Heating & Cooling Cost: Damaged / wet insulation lowers the R-value of the roof system, causing the HVAC systems to work harder. Inefficient systems cost more to operate.

Shorter Roof Life: Leaks left unattended can cause major damage to the entire roof system long-term. This shortens the roof’s life span and causes premature roof failure.

Roof Deck Damage: As water sits within the roof system, it can move down to the roof deck and cause deterioration. Wood decks, rot, metal decks rust, and concrete decks can be damaged by the efforts of long-term moisture. All are expensive to repair or replace.

Roof leaks affect your bottom line

Mold: If left unattended, roof leaks can cause mold growth. In some cases, the growth may not be visible from the underside. Checking the spaces not visible should be a priority after any leaks are noticed.

Don’t let roof leaks affect your business productivity and your bottom line. Have a professional roofing contractor look at and repair those leaks.

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