Roof Maintenance Program

Do you have peace of mind When it comes to your roof? 

Be aware that roof warranties do not cover routine maintenance.

Roof maintenance is one of the most overlooked areas in the upkeep of a building. Neglecting a roof can seriously compromise the longevity of any system. Whether your roof in under warranty or out of warranty, just like your car or home, it needs on going care. The investment that you have made in your roof needs protecting.

If a program is established that provides preventive maintenance, the owner will reap the benefits of a roof system that will last its intended lifespan and more than likely, beyond.

Here at SPANN, we’ve developed a program that will maximize the life of your roof and preserve the value of your investment.

WITHOUT Roof Maintenance you’re in big trouble.

WITH Roof Maintenance you’re trouble free. 

The Program

The SPANN PMP maintenance program is designed to allow the owner to pay a yearly fee, which covers inspection, cleaning, maintenance and reporting. This will insure that your roof performs for the longest period possible.

Each roof will be evaluated to determine its serviceability, based on age, condition and quality. Then, it will be placed in 1 of 4 categories. SPANN will recommend initial corrective repairs to be completed prior to a yearly service contract being offered. These costs will vary depending upon category and building size.

Category 1

A roof which is still under warranty, in good condition, requiring minimal corrective repairs. Typically 1 to 8 years in age.

Category 2

A roof in good to average condition requiring some corrective work. Typically 8 to 12 years in age.

Category 3

An older roof with some possible life left, if extensive Corrective repairs are performed. Usually 10 to 20 years in age.

Category 4

An old, possibly poorly installed roof with little or no value remaining. The cost of performing extensive repairs would outweigh the value of the roof. At this point, a new roof would be recommended 

SPANN’S yearly Service contract Includes:

  • Twice yearly roof Inspection
  • Roof Plan
  • Miscellaneous, minor repairs
  • Fill Pitch Pockets
  • Patch minor areas
  • Clean roof, drains and gutters of debris
  • Repair or touch Up Caulking
  • Priority leak response and repairs
  • One Time Yearly Fee

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