Roof Maintenance, Repair & Restoration: Keeping Your Metal Roof Leak-Free and Within Budget

What is a Metal Roof Rehab?

A Spann Metal Roof Rehab is an effective tool for extending roof life. The Metal Roof Rehab is used when the metal panels are in good condition with little or no rust, but leaks are a problem

In essence, a Metal Rehab directly addresses the problem areas like loose / missing fasteners, deteriorated flashing, skylights and penetrations. 

Benefits of Roof Coatings
Extended Roof Life A Spann Rehab slow down the aging process by stopping water entry into the system.
Reduced Energy Demands Wet interior insulation from roof leaks lowers insulation value and raises energy demand.
Reduced Environmental Impact Rehabs reduce the amount of roofing materials produced, used and thrown away.
Fewer Disruptions Rehabs can be completed in half the time as coating systems and with limited or no tear-off.
Warranty Extension A Spann Rehab can qualify for a 3 – Year Warranty.

When and where to perform a rehab.

Determining when and where to use a Metal Roof Rehab is a challenge for even the most experienced building owner or facility manager. We are here with guidelines to help you make the right choice. 

Metal Roof Rehabilitation 

The decision-making process.

The following four steps outline key factors to think about when considering a roof rehab – and how to make it last.

1. Determine whether a rehab is appropriate. 

Most metal roofing systems can be rehabbed; however, there are some situations where a rehab application is not appropriate. The roof needs to be in good, serviceable condition. The roof surface should also be free of excessive dust, debris, rust, steam, liquid discharge or other contaminants, as well as ponding water that sit for more than 48 hours.

2. Select the proper rehab.

A full rehab consists of tightening / replacing all loose / missing fasteners, sealing all flashing and seams, sealing and coating all skylights and daubing all screw heads with Urethane Sealer.

Not using Urethane Sealer will produce less than desirable results and reduce longevity.

3. Choose a qualified contractor. 

Proper preparation and application is critical for rehabs. Choose a roofing contractor with the equipment, knowledge and experience with metal rehabs.

Ask if the contractor is approved by any coating manufacturers. Many manufacturers offer a rehab program that will extend the warranty if one to two years after the rehab if a coating is applied.

4. Protect your investment. 

Metal Roof Rehabs, like all roofing systems, require periodic maintenance based on environmental conditions, traffic patterns and roof slope and drainage. A preventive maintenance program allows the coating to be inspected on a regular basis and cleaned and repaired when needed; extending the life of your roof even longer. 

Primary Sealer Types

Urethane-Based Sealer

Urethane sealers are high solid and moisture cured products. They withstand ponding water.

Butyl-Based Sealer

High solids product that holds up well to ponding water and offers a wide range of applications.

Acrylic-Based Sealer

A water-based product with medium solids and does not tolerate ponding water.

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