Roof Moisture Surveys

Roof moisture surveys and corresponding core cuts should be a part of every Preventive Maintenance Program for long-term roof performance.

Typically, Preventive Maintenance Programs are scheduled every six months and entail a visual inspection of the roof and components, along with debris removal, sealant replacement and minor repairs. Many things can happen on a roof in six months that may not show up for a long time.

A puncture in the membrane may not leak immediately, but allow water entry into the system, damaging insulation. If a leak is not reported, it could go undetected through several inspections simply because it doesn’t leak. In some cases, the puncture is usually found by accident or the inspecting technician feels a soft area and investigates further.

If you don’t have Preventive Maintenance performed on your roof, this water entry into the system can continue for months or even years. As time go by, the water damages more and more of the insulation. At some point the damage is so great that the entire roof may need replacement.

First and foremost, if you don’t have a regularly scheduled Preventive Maintenance Program in place, start one now. Now, add a moisture survey every few years to help detect moisture. The added cost of a moisture scan is a small price compared to the cost of a partial and especially a total replacement.

There are several non-destructive test methods to survey a roof for damaged insulation, including infrared thermography, nuclear moisture testing, and electrical-impedance testing. Each testing device has its limitations. For instance, the Infrared must be done at night or after the sun goes down in order to show definitive results. Nuclear and capacitance scans can be done during the day. The nuclear scan is the most expensive.

Roofs are somewhat like humans; we both age each year and we both need check-ups on a regular basis. So, you ask what benefit is there in spending money every year to maintain your roof? Many studies have shown that a roof not maintained on a regular basis, will only last about half of its expected life.

So, if you don’t have Preventive Maintenance, start. If you have maintenance, start using a moisture scan to help prolong your roof’s life even better. Give us a call, we’ll be happy to explain it all for you.

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