Roof Repair, Restore or Replace?

Most commercial roof systems when correctly installed and maintained should last 20+ years. However, there are several factors that can and do affect a roof’s longevity. Among these factors include; lack of maintenance, poor design, wrong roof system for the roof and of course weather.

As an owner or manager, you should know exactly what can be repaired, what can be restored and when you need to be budgeting for a new roof system. You should also know how long the repair or restoration will last and budget costs for both.

In this short email we will attempt to give you some thought provoking information that may help in deciding on the three roofing options. For a more comprehensive look at the three options, we have a guide available for you. Simply call or email your request and we’ll get it out to you.


A leaking roof doesn’t always mean you need a completely new roof. Even if some areas of the roof system are wet / damaged, small areas can be replaced and repaired for much less then a full replacement. Replacing wet areas will stop the spread of moisture and help extend the service life of the roof.


A liquid applied roof restoration system may be the answer for an aging roof system rather than a replacement. This is dependent on the insulation still being in good condition and dry.

Restorative coating systems can be applied to many different types of roofing membranes. Metal, single ply modified and built-up could all be good candidates for a coating system.


If the roof is wet or the damage is extensive, repairs or coating would simply be a waste of money. A simple rule of thumb is if the roof has more than 25% damage, replace the entire roof system.

There are many options for a new roof system including, Modified Bitumen, TPO, PVC, Metal and built-up. The key is to choose the system that best suits the individual roof. Every roof has its own special considerations.

So, there you have it, a short version of options for commercial roofing.

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