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What are coatings?

Industrial roof coatings are an effective tool for extending roof life and reducing energy costs, but only when they are properly installed over a compatible roofing system / substrate.

In essence, a roof coating creates a sacrificial layer that protects the existing roof system. Coatings only restore roofs with solid substrates. Coatings do not fix major roof failures. 

Benefits of Roof Coatings
Extended Roof Life Coatings slow down the aging process and reduce thermal fatigue.
Reduced Energy Demands Coatings reflect solar radiation resulting in reduced energy use and less heat transferred to the interior.
Reduced Environmental Impact Coatings reduce the amount of roofing materials produced, used and thrown away. Coatings also improve energy efficiency and reduce fossil fuel use.
Fewer Disruptions Coatings can be completed in half the time as conventional reroofing systems and with limited or no tear-off.
Warranty Extension Coating a roof properly can extend your warranty by up to 10 years.

When and where to apply coatings.

Determining when and where to apply a coating is a challenge for even the most experienced building owner or facility manager. We are here with guidelines to help you make the right choice. 

The decision-making process.

The following four steps outline key factors to think about when considering a roof coating – and how to make it last.

1 Determine whether a coating is appropriate. 

Most roofing systems can be coated; however, there are some situations where a coating application is not appropriate. The roof needs to be in good, serviceable condition for a coating to succeed. The roof surface should also be free of excessive dust, debris, rust, steam, liquid discharge or other contaminants, as well as ponding water that sit for more than 48 hours.

2 Select the proper coating.

Not all coatings are created equal – percent of solids, additives and filler can vary greatly by manufacturer. Using the wrong coating on a roofing system that is not compatible or is not prepared correctly (clean, dry & tight) can lead to peeling and failure. Be sure to ask your contractor about the compatibility of coatings with your roofing system.

3 Choose a qualified contractor. 

Proper application is critical for coatings. Choose a roofing contractor with the equipment, knowledge and experience to apply an adequate and consistent coating thickness. Ask if the contractor is approved by the coating manufacturer. Be patient if the contractor will only apply coatings in certain temperatures and humidity levels. It’s a sign that they understand the coating system and care about the long- term performance of your roof.

4 Protect your investment. 

Coatings, like all roofing systems, require periodic maintenance based on environmental conditions, traffic patterns and roof slope and drainage. A preventive maintenance program allows the coating to be inspected on a regular basis and cleaned and repaired when needed; extending the life of your roof even longer.

Primary Coating Types


Consist primarily of emulsions, aluminum, asphalt cutbacks or modified asphalt-based materials. Typically compatible with either asphalt built-up roofing systems or with modified bitumen membranes


Consist primarily of latex, acrylic, silicone, urethane and hybrid materials. Typically compatible with most types of roofing systems, but primarily used on single-ply systems, spray- applied polyurethane foam and metal roofing systems.

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