Silicone Roof Restoration

One of our goals here at Spann is to provide education to customers on the products, services and best installation practices of the products / systems we provide. Today I’ll discuss High Solids Silicone.

The application process is relatively straight forward.

  1. Moisture Scan: First, an infrared or capacitance moisture inspection should be performed to see if there are any wet areas. If so, these areas are removed and replaced.
  2. Inspection & Repairs: A visual inspection of the roof is performed to identify deficiencies in the existing system. These typically include items like blisters, loose/open flashing and deteriorated / damaged membrane. All deficiencies are addressed and repaired, followed by power washing / cleaning the roof.
  3. Primer / Bleed Blocker: On asphaltic-type roofs, a primer/bleed-blocker is installed. This application helps with adhesion and blocks asphalt bleeding through and staining the white silicone. Some single ply membranes do not need a primer, and some do.
  4. Seam Sealing: After the primer has been applied, a heavy grade of silicone sealer is installed at all seam areas.
  5. Silicone Application: After all the repairs have been made, primer installed and seams sealed, the high solids silicone is either sprayed or rolled onto the roof membrane. Different manufacturers require different coating thicknesses. Depending upon manufacturer and thickness desired, a single layer or pass is required. As the thickness increases, multiple layers are required.
  6. Warranty: After the silicone membrane has been installed, a final inspection by a third party or the manufacturer’s technical representative is performed to verify the installation was done correctly. After approval, the final warranty is issued by the manufacturer.

Installing a high solids silicone roof restoration system can be a great choice financially and for long-term roof life. Keeping your existing roof in good condition can prove a smart decision when looking at the cost difference between tearing off a failed roof versus coating with silicone. The coating system can save you 50% or more over a complete tear-off.

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