Small Roof Problems

The Small Roof Problems

I was called to look at a leak-small roof problem on a lower roof of a multi-level roof. After assessing the leak, I asked to look at the upper roof since I was already there. The maintenance manager said there was no need because it was a new roof only 2 years old. I asked him to humor me. So, we went up and looked.

After just a visual survey, we easily found several small roof problems that left unchecked, would have been an expensive repair later.

Common Small Roof Problems:

  1. Pitch Pans

  2. Loose Granules and Debris

  3. Open Mortar Joints

Small Roof Problem- Pitch Pan

Pitch pans are a maintenance item and need to be maintained. A pitch pocket is designed to seal around a roof penetration. The sealant dries out, cracks, and pulls away from the sides of the penetration, leaving an opening for water entry.

When regular maintenance is performed, pitch pockets are topped-off during the maintenance visit.

small roof problem

Small Roof Problem- Loose Granules & Debris 

Loose granules and debris around drains can cause the drains to clog and slow water drainage. Water then tends to pond on the roof, adding weight to the structure and accelerating aging to the roof membrane.

Cleaning debris and cleaning around drains are a normal part of regular maintenance.

small roof problem

Small Roof Problem- Open Mortar Joints

It’s not always the roof that allows water into the building. Open mortar joints can be a prime source of water entry. With hard-driving rains, water gets into the wall and behind the wall flashing.

When assessing water leaks, it’s always a good idea to look beyond just the roof system.

small roof problem

Maintain small roof problems before they become expensive to repair or worse, a roof replacement. They can cost you big time later! Call Spann Roofing; we will inspect your roof.

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