Spann Single – Ply Retrofit Solution for Metal Roofs 


Over time, metal roofing systems can rust, Corrode, and develop leaks around joints and fasteners. These issues can develop from poor installation or normal weathering. Many times leaky metal roofs are patched with caulk, mastic, or tape. These repairs are often short-term fixes. 


Spann’s single-ply retrofit solution offers a system that can be installed directly overworn metal roofs. This solution extends the service life of the existing roof up to 20 years. It also provides the opportunity to install additional insulation which can improve the overall energy efficiency of the building.

Metal Retrofit Process To Increasing Energy Efficiency

First, the roof is cleared of all debris to allow a thorough inspection of the metal panels. Large holes or weak areas are reinforced.

Next, custom cut strips of Expanded Polystyrene Insulation are placed between the ribs of the metal panels. This creates a smooth surface and support for the next layer of insulation.

The amount of R-value desired will depend upon the type and thickness of the second layer of insulation installed. If a minimal amount of additional insulation is desired, a 1⁄2” cover board is installed. If a higher R-vale is required, a layer of Polyisocyanurate would be used.

Due to wind uplift codes and lack of pull-out value of the metal roof, the membrane is secured directly to the purlins that support the metal roof.

With the reflective value of the white membrane and additional insulation value, the building will be cooler during the summer heat and warmer in winter.

A metal roof retrofit is a cost-effective solution with a number of benefits, including:

    • Availability of highly reflective membrane options
    • Increased energy efficiency through the use of additional insulation
    • Confidence that your roof is being installed by a manufacturer’s licensed contractor
    • Unsurpassed warranty protection of 20-years

Give Spann a call today and we’ll provide you with a complimentary roof survey and evaluation of your current flat or metal roof.

Ply Retrofit Solution

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