The Benefits of Record Keeping for Your Roof

May 2009 Volume 1 Number 5

Other items that should be placed in the roofing file include a roof plan; the location of any hidden conduit; drawings and specifications (as built); copies of labels on roofing materials, including UL, FM, ASTM or ANSI designations; and trade names of materials.

A total roof management program will also include documentation of each inspection, repair and change to any roof detail. Pictures of before and after repairs are performed should be a part of the file.

Even though the roof is still new or a few years old, budgeting for the next five years for capitol and expense items should be looked at. This would include the cost for a planned maintenance program.

Consideration should be given to emergency procedures, such as the storage of patching materials and training of key maintenance personnel. If the roof will be subjected to routine traffic in order to service rooftop units, protective walkways may be needed. Establish a protocol so that, if trades damage the roof, it will be reported and attended to by the end of the day.

Record keeping, like maintenance, helps extend the service life of your roof system and save you money. Spann offers a Total Roof Management service called Guardian Service that includes hosting all of the information and documents on your roof. Call us for full details.

When something goes wrong with your roof, records are handy because:

  • The roof may still be covered under warranty and if so, you should know how and whom to formally notify.
  • You will know who the original designer and contractor were.
  • There may be notations regarding exceptions to specifications, which could explain apparent defects.
  • If litigation is possible, you will need the documentation.

    Owners / managers of multiple properties can mine the data to determine which roof systems are performing best for them. Life Cycle analysis will be realistic since it is based upon your own properties, not on promotional or theoretical aspects. Analysis should lead to rational selection of future roofing projects and the remedial steps that are paying off. Perhaps the major benefits are in economics, so that replacement costs can be incorporated into a long-range capital improvement program as part of your budget process.

    Suggestions for documents that may be useful include:

    Pre-roofing conference documentation. The purpose is to establish a direct line of communication, iron out initial questions regarding the project and review submittal requirements.

    Pre-application conference documents. The purpose is to verify readiness for roofing; review assignments of preliminary conference; scan last minute details, changes or corrections; and review the anticipated schedule of progress.

    Final Inspection and project wrap-up documents. The purpose is to assure 100% completion of project requirements.

    These items relate to new construction projects. Some building owners require a moisture survey at the time of roof completion. This survey verifies that the roof has been installed in a dry condition.



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