Tough Roof Systems for High Traffic

Do you own or manage a building that has a flat roof with numerous HVAC units or other roof-top equipment that requires regular maintenance? These can be condos or industrial / commercial buildings and they all will have one thing in common; a considerable amount of foot traffic by possibly numerous people.

When you are considering a new roof system, don’t be lured in by a low price for a single-ply roof system. High traffic roofs are no place for a single ply anything! Please, let me explain.

One of the first comments I hear is; “I have a manufacturer’s warranty.” That’s all well and good however, manufacturer’s warranties do not cover damage to the roof by HVAC contractors and others on the roof. Punctures from dropped items often get unreported or forgotten about once they leave the roof.

And don’t forget, all roofs don’t show leaks immediately, if at all after a puncture in the membrane. An example of this would be a roof with a concrete deck. Water can sit for virtually years and not show up on the underside! The problem, however, is that the insulation becomes saturated. The saturation area continues to grow larger and larger until most of the roof fails and needs a complete tear-off.

When we look at roofs, our recommendations are based upon what best suits each individual roof and roof conditions, not simply cost. We do understand that cost does play an important part of an owner’s decision, but we also ask owners to consider the life cycle cost.

The life cycle cost is what it will cost you over the life of the roof system. Many times, a more expensive roof system will cost less over the life of the roof when compared to a less expensive roof. For instance, let’s compare a single ply to a two- ply modified roof system on an oceanfront condo over a twenty-five-year period.

It’s highly probable that the single-ply roof will need replacement within that twenty-five-year period. And let’s say the modified can be coated in twenty years. The cost per year for each system may surprise you. A 2-ply modified cost over the twenty-five-year period would be approximately $1.40/SF/year. The single ply would cost approximately $1.60/SF/year. That’s a $40,000.00 savings over the 25-year period.

The bottom line is that roofs with heavy traffic need a heavy-duty roof system like a 2-ply modified roof system. So, when you are considering re-roofing or planning for new roofing, consider having us come discuss the best roofing system for your roof. The discussion and information are free, the only thing you have to loose is money…if you make the wrong decision.

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