Hire A Professional…Cheapest Is Not Always The Least Expensive!

So, you may think it’s expensive hiring a professional roofing contractor, wait until you hire an amateur! 

Like most folks, we all need to be careful with our money. There are certainly many options available when it comes to roofing and roof repairs. Some want multiple bids on everything from a minor leak to a full replacement. No matter what the project is, take the time to investigate the contractor to first see if the company fits your project.

Just because Company X has massive advertising and you see their name on yard signs where they have put on a shingle roof, doesn’t mean they have the experience and expertise to tear-off a flat roof and replace it.

Does the contractor have a dedicated Service Department to take care of leaks and repairs on a timely basis? If not, you may be waiting awhile the next time you have a leak or need a quick repair.

Does the contractor take the time to explain every detail of their proposal and why they are using this material? Is the proposed system or repair the right choice for your project? For instance, installing a single ply membrane on a roof with numerous HVAC units and a lot of roof traffic doesn’t make for a long-term, leak-free roof installation.

Is the contractor licensed, insured and have good references? In South Carolina, to install a commercial roof, a contractor needs a specialty roofing license. There are limits in dollar amounts for some, but there is an unlimited license for contractors with experience and financial capabilities.

If you’re requesting multiple bids, have a specification / scope of work for the contractors to prepare their proposals. Simply asking for a new roof or repair gets you comparing apples, oranges and pears…not the best solution! If all you want is the cheapest price, good luck! You’ll get what you pay for and deserve.

A professional roofing contractor has acquired expertise through years of practical experience. They’ve been in the industry for many years and have worked on projects of various magnitudes. This is an indication that they can perform their job and solve your roofing problems.

Got questions? Need advice? We’re here to help you through this and we’ll be here after the storm has passed. Call us! 

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