Minimum Maintenance Checklist for Commercial Roofs

Spann Roofing believes in following a maintenance checklist for commercial roofs. Being proactive with commercial roof maintenance extends the service life of your roof, typically well beyond the warranty period. Follow our maintenance checklist for commercial roofs:

Remove Debris

Debris like loose granules and trash can clog drains. Other objects can blow across the roof causing damage to the membrane.

Keep a Maintenance History

Particularly for warranted jobs, the manufacture may require you to provide proof of maintenance to be compliant with the warranty.

Log Access to the Roof

Enforce a sign-in for all roof access. In case of roof damage, you can determine who caused the damage and charge them for the repair.

Perform Regular Inspections

Have a professional roofer (Spann Roofing & Sheet Metal) inspect your roof twice a year and after severe weather events. The inspections can catch a small problem before it becomes a larger and more expensive one.

Install Protection Accessories

Walkway pads, pipe support, and grease guards can prevent unnecessary damage to the roof.

Maintenance checklist for commercial roofs

By following this maintenance checklist for commercial roofs, your commercial roof will last a lifetime. Spann Roofing offers a commercial maintenance plan which offers everything above. Spann’s maintenance plans allow you to be the business owners and us to protect your commercial roof. Call today at (843) 347-2220 to find out more about commercial roof maintenance.

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