Fluid Applied Roofing & Coatings

Fluid Applied Roof Systems or Coatings are an important and viable part of roofing options. These coatings include Acrylic, Polyurethane and Silicone.

The coatings are full roofing systems designed to extend the life of roofs rather than tearing off and replacing. The systems come with manufacturer’s warranties for materials and workmanship.

Single Ply

Single-ply membrane roof systems are a single layer roof system, ranging in thickness from 40 mils to 90 mils, installed over rigid insulation.  Single-ply membranes can be mechanically fastened, fully adhered or ballasted depending on the application. 

Single-ply membrane roof system are ideal for wide-open roof areas or roofs that expect to receive little or no foot traffic.

Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen roof systems are composed of multiple plies roof membrane bonded together and applied to the roof substrate in hot or cold adhesive.  Often times the total thickness of a modified bitumen roof system can exceed 250 mils, which is 4-5 times the thickness of a standard single-ply membrane roof system.  

Because of the multiple-plies of roof membrane and its overall thickness, modified bitumen roof systems are recommended for roofs that expect to receive heavy foot traffic, such as roofs that have a lot of rooftop mounted air-conditioning equipment which require continuous maintenance.  Modified bitumen is manufactured in rolls that are commonly 36” wide, laps in the roof system are sealed with adhesive or heat welded together to create a continuous watertight seam.  

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing solutions are known for durability and longevity. Metal roofs such as Standing Seam and Corrugated Metal Panels can give you piece of mind knowing your roof is secure for many years.


Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing systems are greatly affected by wind, sunlight, moisture, humidity and the roof’s surface temperature. Our roof coating systems offer an easy-to-apply solution to protect your SPF roof from damage and deterioration. Save money on a full tear-off with strong, flexible SEBS and Silicone roof coatings from Spann Roofing — and ensure your roof can withstand harsh weather conditions for years to come.

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Whether you are responsible for one roof in a single location or several roofs in differenct locations, our Guardian Service gives you peace of mind when it comes to your roofs.

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Over the course of more than 65 years, Spann Roofing has roofed over 15,000 commercial and residential buildings and our guarantee stands behind every one of them. We have developed a reputation for an honest, trusted service that will provide quality and reliability regardless the size or complexity of the job. Our services are not limited to commercial roofing.

Spann Roofing is also equipped for the installation, roof repair and maintenance of residential buildings across the area. Spann Roofing is centrally located in Horry County at 459 Allied Drive in Conway, across 501 from Coastal Carolina University.

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