Flat Roofing

Flat roofs are a familiar sight throughout North America. Any typical mall, warehouse, apartment building, or school usually features a flat roof. This roof type is easier to install over large surfaces and is the most common choice for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

Is a flat roof the right choice for a home? Is it more expensive than a steeper-pitched alternative? Is it harder to install? What about ongoing maintenance?

Whether choosing a roof design for a new home or replacing/repairing a current flat roof, Spann Roofing offers much of the information needed to make informed decisions for a lasting, sturdy cover for your investment.

Entire House

While not common, many houses are constructed with no-slope or very low-slope roofs that require something other than shingles or metal roof panels.  There are many options to consider for Residential low-slope roof systems, including EPDM, PVC, Fluid-applied Coating TPO, or a more traditional multi-ply built-up asphalt roof system.  Many factors come into play when deciding what type of low-slope roof system to install in your home, let Spann help you decide what type of roof system best suits your needs and will provide the durability and longevity that you need to protect your home.

Flat Roofing


Porches & Decks

Often times Spann is contracted to install a new or replacement roof membrane beneath a new or existing porch or roof deck system.  Roofing membrane can be installed beneath the decking boards to help protect the space below from water, whether it is an enclosed space of the house or just an outdoor space to be used for gatherings or storage.  The type of roof system to be installed in these applications can vary depending on what type of roof decking is being installed. 

Let Spann assist in designing a new or replacement roof system for your porch or deck roof area that provides you with the peace and comfort that you don’t have to worry about for years to come. 

See what Spann's Residential Preventative Maintenance program can do for your Roof

The worst kind of roofing problem is the one you can’t see! Our knowledgeable, well-trained roof technicians are dedicated to solving your small roofing issues before they become big ones. Whether you have an ongoing leak, or are simply interested in knowing the condition of your roof Spann Roofing can provide homeowners estimates that itemize any necessary repairs, the cost of the repairs, and any warranties that apply to your particular roof system

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Over the course of more than 62 years, Spann Roofing has roofed over 15,000 commercial and residential buildings and our guarantee stands behind every one of them. We have developed a reputation for an honest, trusted service that will provide quality and reliability regardless the size or complexity of the job. Our services are not limited to commercial roofing.

Spann Roofing is also equipped for the installation, roof repair and maintenance of residential buildings across the area. Spann Roofing is centrally located in Horry County at 459 Allied Drive in Conway, across 501 from Coastal Carolina University.

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