Spann Guardian Service

Spann’s Guardian Service, which includes Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP) and Roof-Track Portfolio Hosting, takes the surprises out of roof asset management. We provide the roof condition reports and forecast data vital to managing your roof assets efficiently and cost-effectively.

The vital information gathered during the roof inspection helps to estimate the remaining years of service life left on your roof. Our rigorous survey determines Membrane Condition, Flashing Condition, Leakage Condition, Drainage Condition, Roof Age, Present Repair Status, Insulation Condition, Rooftop Traffic, Interior Occupancy and an Overall Assessment.

Combining the complete inspection of PMP with the vital information from Roof-Track Portfolio Hosting, there is no better resource for managing your roofing assets and costs easily, accurately and securely.

How it works

All historical information about the roof is gathered including; warranty information, roof drawings, prior work and any information pertinent to the roof.

A skilled technician inspects your roof’s condition using Spann’s rigorous inspection criteria and documents the findings.

All information from the inspection is put into a report form including pictures, roof drawing, deficiency list and a price to bring the roof back to a maintainable condition. After all repairs are performed, a Maintenance Agreement, to inspect the roof twice a year, clean debris and make minor repairs is initiated.

Roof-Track Portfolio Hosting takes all the information about each roof and categorizes them by: Facilities, Warranty, System Type, Preventive Maintenance, Expenditures, 5-Year Budgets and Financial Plan for Expense and Capitol Expenditures.

At the end of the year or anytime, you can see where monies have been spent by roof, by section and by each facility. It’s all the information you need and want about the facility’s roof(s), when you want it. The Roof-Track Portfolio Hosting program was designed with property managers in mind.

The overall goal of our Guardian Service is to provide cost effective solutions to current and future needs while prolonging the life of your roof in the most economical and efficient way.

Benefits of Guardian Service

  • Minimize unexpected problems and costly repairs Defers costly roof replacements
  • Tracks cost of work performed
  • Provide a historical record for each facility
  • Estimates cost of future roof repairs
  • Improves financial planning and forecasting
  • Maximizes the useful life of your roof system
  • Identify and address potential problems before leaks appear


Spann Guardian Service

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