The Truth About Roofs

What Every Building Manager Should Know About Roofing!

Discover the truth about roofs. Spann Roofing has been serving the Grand Strand and Pee Dee areas for 64 years, so we’ve heard all the excuses in the book. Learn the truth about roofs from experts.

  1. Roofs are a high-budget item…but reserves are rarely sufficient.

2. Roofs are intended to be a long-term investment…but they don’t last forever.

3. Roofs that are complicated…cost more to replace.

4. Roofs that have equipment on them…do not last as long as those without equipment.

5. Roofs that need to be replaced…need investigation and proper design.

6. Roofs can be installed with many different types of components and systems…all with different life expectancies.

7. Good roofs don’t just happen…but bad ones do.

8. Roofs can have different life expectancies…depending on the quality of the labor used during installation.

9. Roof warranties are important…but proper design, quality material, and labor are more so.

10. New building code changes provide superior roof construction…at an increased cost.

11. Roofs need to be inspected periodically…but many aren’t.

12. Roofs need maintenance…but many don’t get it until they leak.

13. All roofs can be damaged by man and Mother Nature…but some roof systems are more vulnerable than others.

14. Roofs that are damaged by storms or fail prematurely…are not usually settled without conflicting agendas of all parties involved.

15. Water runs downhill…except in high winds.

16. There are no “miracles in a can…but many are sold.

17. Roofing costs are higher during the rainy season…so why wait until the roof leaks to replace it or maintain it?

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