Understanding Your Roof Warranty

Understanding Roof Warranty

First, you just had a new roof installed and you most likely received a roof warranty. You are to maintain it to keep from voiding the warranty, right? Here are some common questions about your roof warranty.

roof warranty What Type is my Roof Warranty?

Next, there are several types of roof warranties. It’s important for you to know the differences and understand the expectations of you and the warranty issuer.

  • Material Warranties are issued by the manufacturer for covering defects in the materials. Labor to repair the defects is the owner’s responsibility.
  • Labor Warranties are issued by the contractor for covering their workmanship, typically two years.
  • Workmanship & Material Warranties are issued by the manufacturer to cover all materials and the contractor’s labor.

What’s “Reasonable Care?”

Scheduled roof inspections, usually twice yearly. Checking after major storms. Cleaning the roof to allow for proper drainage and remove the buildup of debris that could clog drains.

Who should Perform the Maintenance?

Finally, choose one that has a full-time dedicated service department. For the best results, call Spann Roofing!

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